Email Marketing: What does “permission-based” mean?

January 27, 2011 by Ant Hodges · View Comments
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When using our email marketing program, BeyondMail, we always ensure that clients use lists of data from which permission has been granted for communication via email. This is called permission-based email marketing.

Permission-based email marketing occurs when emails are only sent to persons who have requested to receive them, such as customers that have bought from you, people that have subscribed from your website or from business cards that you picked up from a networking meeting and you got the verbal agreement to add them to your mailing list.

The opposite to permission-based email marketing is SPAM. This involves sending out unsolicited email promotions to people that you have not had agreement to send to.

Permission based email marketing is used effectively every day by huge numbers of organisations to increase sales, build the value of their brand, and strengthen the relationships they have with their clients and subscribers.

The success that achieve is due to the fact that they are operating out of a permission-based email marketing strategy – They are only sending emails to people that have requested to receive them.

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