How Important Are Email Tracking Stats?

February 3, 2011 by Ant Hodges
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Any marketing or advertising activity should always be executed with the ability to measure the return you get from it.

Many people today are still using their desktop email client (such as Outlook or Thunderbird) to send marketing emails out to client and subscriber lists. Sometimes all the email addresses are on public view because they out the emails all into the ‘To:’ field. Clever people use the ‘Bcc:’ field.

Occasionally we come across people that say “I have a mailing list feature of my web hosting” or “Email marketing is included in my website” – sometimes it is… Great!

But in looking under the surface of both of these situations you invariably find that the one thing that is missing is the reporting.

  • Do you know how well did your last email newsletter do for you and your business when you sent it out?
  • Can you attribute any sales or leads from it?

Measuring of any marketing activity, as mentioned above, is crucial to your success.

If you know something works, keep doing it. Tweak it and see if it improves. If the tweak doesn’t work, try something else. If the activity just bombs out and flat fails, try again and then make a judgement on if it is worth continuing with – These are all decisions that can be made when you have measurement tools in place.

When you use your desktop email client to send emails it will send them and you can stop everyone seeing other people’s email addresses by using the ‘Bcc:’ field, but do you know how many people opened the email? Do you know how many people clicked on any of the links? Do you know who it was that opened and clicked?

Systems like MS Outlook and Thunderbird don’t give you these kinds of stats – And most mailing list functions on web hosting are the same. They will send the email but that is it.

If you are not in the know with these kind of stats you will not know if you can tweak or adjust it to improve it. Worst still, you wont be able to follow up all the people that clicked on your special offer link. It could be time, energy and money down the drain!

BeyondMail has in-built analytical tools that will show you the live status of your email campaigns.

We can show you to the second, who has opened your email and how many times. What links they clicked on and even if they forwarded it on or shared it in the social media ether.

Our system also links into Google Analytics. So if you sell products on your website, you can track any sales that result from a click through from your email.

Gathering this kind of information enables you to see at the push of a button, the most popular links, the most loyal subscribers, those that could be interested in that special offer… and much more.

There is so much you can do with this kind of information.

How can you not see the importance of email marketing stats and tracking now?

Create your free account on BeyondMail by clicking here and get emailing today.


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    The time and date your recipient has opened your message. By using an email tracking software, you can gain the benefit of being able to modify your messages so that they catch the eye of your reader.

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    I have been using BeyondMail for several months now and find it to be a very easy to use, and simple to manage Email Marketing application. The templates are straightforward and versatile. I find the campaign tracking and reporting particularly important, and this is produced in a way that is clear and easy to interpret. Subscriber lists are simple to maintain too. All round this is a great tool which is priced very reasonably.
    David Morrison, Wiltshire, UK