Testing Email Marketing Campaigns – The A/B Split Test

September 22, 2010 by Laura Williams
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Email Marketing

We have just scheduled an email campaign to go to over 63,000 customers for one client and thought that I would share with you the importance of something we have set up in this campaign – A/B Split Testing.

With all marketing tools it is so important to test the activity that you are doing and then respond to the results in the right way. It it worked, think about doing it again. If you have tried it a number of times and you got nothing from it… re-think what you are doing, or consider it to be a non-effective way of marketing your product AND STOP. Ineffective marketing is just like purring money down the drain.

The very nature of online marketing makes it easier to measure and test any marketing or communications activity. Tools such as Google Analytics help you to see the volume of traffic (the people) coming to your site, where they came from and how long the stayed. Even right through to purchase or showing you the most popular content on your site.

Our BeyondMail email marketing system is another tool that allows you to measure and test the effectiveness of your email marketing.

Not only can you gauge the level traffic that is coming to your site from any email that you may send out, right down to who clicked what and when, it also enables you to test and refine your campaigns to develop them into more profitable ways of marketing online.

A/B split testing essentially measures the results from things such as different subject lines, different email content and also different from addresses. All of these three items will have different impact on the success of your email marketing campaign.

With the client mentioned above, we have scheduled the campaign to send the same content, but to use two different subject lines.

Subject Line A will be sent to 12,000 customers, Subject Line B will be sent to 12,000 customers.

Which ever produces the highest open rate in a 4 hour period will be declared the winner and will then be sent on to the remaining 39,000 customers.

Why do this?

From the initial split test we will see which subject line was more effective in encouraging subscribers to open the email. If one proved more popular than the other, then we would be able to then send the one that worked the best to the remaining list of customers. This will maximise the potential of a greater return for this email campaign.

If you would like more information on how you can also test email marketing campaigns that you may be about to send out – contact toinfinity on 01793 238697 or email us here.


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    I have been using BeyondMail for several months now and find it to be a very easy to use, and simple to manage Email Marketing application. The templates are straightforward and versatile. I find the campaign tracking and reporting particularly important, and this is produced in a way that is clear and easy to interpret. Subscriber lists are simple to maintain too. All round this is a great tool which is priced very reasonably.
    David Morrison, Wiltshire, UK