Email Newsletters – what are they about anyway?

October 29, 2009 by Laura Williams
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Why is it so important that your orgnisation has a regular newsletter? What is their purpose?

We have listed three main reason for thinking about getting a newsletter up and running – or that old one you used to find the time for, resurrected and started up again.

1. Keep in touch and say hello

Clients, customers, members and other interested parties are the lifeblood any organisation. Now so many are on email. What better way to stay in touch with them than through a perfectly designed and branded newsletter? A newsletter allows you to introduce new products, announce events, offer special discounts and encourage referrals.

2. Attract new customers

Unless people have an immediate need or came to you through a powerful referral, most potential customers won’t buy or engage with you right away. Your newsletter can offer people the opportunity to learn more about you, your organisation and your products and services. You can also learn more about them through their behaviour and interaction too.

3. Establish Your Expertise

No one knows more about your business than you do – which makes you an expert. Share your nuggets of knowledge through your newsletter to deepen your relationship with your existing customers and convince potential customers that you are the answer to their problems.

Other points for reference…

What exactly is an electronic newsletter?

Just like their paper counterparts, electronic newsletters deliver written messages to a list of opt-in subscribers. The main difference, electronic newsletters transcend paper to only exist on a computer screens.

Some electronic newsletters are delivered only via email while others are delivered only on the web. Most are delivered in some combination of the two. All of the newsletters delivered through Beyond eMail have a web version that can be automatically published to your website when you send it via email.

Having both the methods available should suit all your target audiences preferences.

How do you publish an electronic newsletter?

Essentially all you need to do is decide on a topic, name your publication and start writing. Blogs can back up your newsletters, or indeed provide content if you choose to use your email newsletter as a round-up or summary of recent posts on your blog. When you have your content sorted, you need is a delivery programme – like Beyond eMail. One that will manage your subscribers for you. One that will provide you with live real-time stats. One that is easy to use – For more info visit


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