Email Marketing Still Delivers Real Value!

December 3, 2010 by Laura Williams
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Email MarketingWOW!

Can I say it again?


We put together an email campaign that was sent out on behalf of a client yesterday. The email was introducing a new product into the marketplace – ‘the official launch’.

The email went out to their existing customer database, who previously bought products from them and who they have built up a relationship with.

An hour and a half after the email went out, we had recorded a whopping £5,000 worth of sales.

Checking the email and website analytics this morning, less than 24hours after the send, they have had over £10,500 of revenue generated from this one email! Now at the end of the day it’s up to £12,000 of revenue!

We can accurately attribute this revenue to this marketing channel because our email marketing programme, BeyondMail, tracks each of the individual subscribers open, click and purchase. If a subscriber therefore opens your email, lands on your website and then buys something in the same session, we can see it all. A session is the period of time when a subscriber, after clicking your email, visits your website before they close their browser window. Knowing that people may click and visit your site, they may come back later to purchase at another time. This is a different session. So with these stats, there is bound to me more sales in addition to this.

It’s simple really – Email Marketing Still Works!

Building relationships with people and using a retention based marketing technique like this is an easy sell. Do you consider your current clients and customers as potential customers for new sales? Or do you always focus on getting new clients? It is much easier for someone to make a decison to buy from you if they already know you and trust your service!

If you are interested in having a trackable system that can show you just how much return on investment email marketing can give you, call 01793 238697, tweet us @_toinfinty or visit

With our BeyondMail system, we offer a personal service from our team of email marketing experts, rather than the faceless support of an online form offered by the giants of the email marketing world. Our prices are as competitive as theirs. Request to see our rate card.

Remember the BIG bonus… you get to speak to ‘real’ people if you want to – on the phone or in person at our offices in Swindon.

We can get you up and running within 48hours of uploading your email list and campaign. Our mailing tower even negotiates with internet service providers to give more chance of your email not getting blocked by any spam filters.

Call now on 01793 238697 if you want personal human support and advice, trackable live stats, and emails that will get through to your customers.


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    Quite simply, e-marketing works. Toinfinity know how to get the very best out of each situation. We are being fully guided by the team to make the right choices. Of course, it takes time to understand what your customers want to receive by email – actually, Toinfinity identified that very quickly. It’s been a rollercoaster ride – one in which we feel we are being thoroughly well looked after
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